slimKEYS is a free Windows application monitoring hotkeys of your choice to perform tasks, such as launching applications, searching on the web, moving and resizing windows, and much more. For those who know what is an application launcher, slimKEYS is an application launcher on steroids.

Pressing Win-K opens the main slimKEYS window where you can see the list of active hotkeys, grouped by extension. You can modify them, delete those you don't use and add new ones.

version 1.5.9575

slimKEYS - The main hotkey window slimLAUNCH - Delicious extension slimLAUNCH - Extended launch options when launching with Ctrl-Enter slimLAUNCH - Password edition with the passwords extension slimLAUNCH - Find and open applications and documents slimLAUNCH - Create hotkeys directly on specific items slimSEARCH - Configure your search providers slimSEARCH - Quickly search with a simple hotkey slimSEARCH - Look up your predefined search providers shortcuts or prefixes slimSIZE - Full control on your hotkey behavior slimSMOKE - Gray out non-active regions of your screen slimSMOKE - You can also highlight the active window slimVOLUME - Control the volume with any key slimVOLUME - Display the volume as a simple label slimVOLUME - Display the volume as a TV-like bar slimZOOM - Zoom in on any part of your screen slimZOOM - You can draw on the zoom surface slimZOOM - The help panel says it all